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Australia Post Travel Insurance can help protect you from the unexpected, whether you're travelling the world or closer to home. To view cover options, we just need a little information from you.

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Enter the date you leave home and arrive home. Consider time differences/zones and travel times.

Current age of travellers

Current age of travellers
  • Are all travellers currently living in Australia, and:

    • are they Australian citizens with a valid Australian Medicare card, or

    • do they hold a visa allowing them to live, work or study in Australia?

    If any traveller has already left their home in Australia and are on their trip this cover is subject to a 3 day no-cover period. This means there is no cover under any section for any event that has occurred already or that arises within the first 3 days of buying the policy.

    Promo code

    *This discount is not available in conjunction with any other offer. The premium will be rounded to the nearest $1 amount and as a result the discount received may be less than the stated discount in some cases. Policies may not be available to all travellers.

    Check our travel alerts and advisories for known world events that may affect the cover.

    COVID-19 Cover for Overseas Medical Expenses. Further terms and conditions apply, including:

    • $Unlimited ~medical cover is included under Section 1: Overseas Medical Expenses (including emergency repatriation/evacuation) if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 overseas. (~ Cover will not exceed 12 months from onset of the illness)
    • Includes 24/7 Overseas medical and emergency assistance.
    • This policy does not cover any claims for amendment or cancellation costs caused by, or related to, COVID-19.
    • There’s no cover for claims caused by COVID-19 while travelling on a multi-night cruise or travel to a country on Smart Traveller’s Do Not Travel List, border closures or travel bans.
    • A special excess of $250 applies to the Additional Expenses benefit if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 on your trip. It will be deducted in addition to any other excess.

    You have a duty to take reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation when entering this contract of insurance.

    By continuing, you acknowledge and understand the above.